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Dr. David Sadeghi

Sunny Dental Clinic

General Dentist (Dental Surgeon)

Active member of the Ontario Dental Association and the Royal College of Dental Surgeons Of Ontario

Sunny Dental Clinic is proud of itself by following the Ontario Sterilization Protocol and provides the highest quality sterilized area for patients to take care of their General health.  We have multi-languages, great welcoming, totally friendly and experienced staff. The office has easy and wheel chair accessible entrance.  We are conveniently located near the subway station.

Dr. David Sadeghi received his Doctor of Dental Surgery degree from in 2000, since then Dr. Sadeghi has pursued his passion in various fields of dentistry from basic pediatric and preventive dentistry to implants and cosmetic dentistry. successfully treating more than 25000 patients of all ages for 15 years Dr. Sadeghi is recognized as one of the prominent dentists in his hometown practice.

Dr. Sadeghi re-qualified to practice dentistry in Canada in 2017 through National Dental Examination Board. Dr. Sadeghi is committed to offering exceptional and personalized care to his patients, he takes pride in building a strong professional relationship with his patients by informing them about their oral health needs and addressing their concerns and questions from the first consultation to the final steps of dental treatment.

Dr. Sadeghi believes in continues education and has been an active member of several continuing education and professional associations.

In his personal life,  beside of spending time with his family and friends , Dr Sadeghi enjoys and practices  modern visual arts(non-traditional forms) environmental art and sculpture .

Our Address

1107 Bay Street,

Toronto, ON M5S 2B3 \\ Tel: 647-350-7869

Opening Hours

Monday – Friday  9AM – 6PM

Saturday    9AM – 4PM


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